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Dear Christians:

You're idiots. Yes, there are some of you that I love dearly. Yes, I realize that a few voices do not represent the whole. But you are still idiots. I don't care if you believe in passing or are a full-on, bible-thumping evangelical - you're an idiot. And every time you open your mouths, you prove the point over and over and over. You have a total lack of self-awareness, and a tendency to believe whatever lies are spoon fed to you from day to day. You're obnoxious, pushy, preachy, and antagonistic, most often when your sensibilities are offended or your beliefs challenged. You're always looking for ways to feel victimized and persecuted, or to find examples of how your rights have been infringed upon. You refuse to recognize the blatant privileges that you enjoy. You believe things without evidence for them. You demonize that which you don't understand. You fight reason with everything in you. You give priority to the strangest things, and promote things as values that, in the real world, are anything but. You forgive those who represent you poorly while at the same time pulling No True Scotsman fallacies out of your asses. You live in a compartmentalized world in which it is possible to know all the answers, because to admit the impossibility of that is too scary. Any time you face something that makes you uncomfortable, you resort to any of a number of methods for denying, blocking out, avoiding, or falsely reconciling the inconsistencies. You're puerile, immature, and developmentally stunted. You cherry-pick from your own holy book while touting its "inerrancy", and when the contradictions are pointed out to you, you fall back on the claim that no person can know the mind of god, or that the people who wrote it were only men. You use context in interpretation only when it suites you, and refuse to condemn things in the bible that any sane person wouldn't be willing to touch with a ten-foot pole. 

You're idiots. And most of you will never know it.
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