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It's official.

I have the entire Nightwish CD.  Dark Passion Play is MINE!  WOOHOO! 

To celebrate, I've been making icons, which I'm going to post, because it's becoming a habit.  I like to be able to go to my journal and see them all without having to use the stupid preview thing to view them one at a time on my computer.  So much more convenient!  Oh man, though...this cd IS THE BEST!  Any and all worries I had about it have totally dissipated.   Soooo happy!  (In stark contrast to my last post.)






Haha...those will be the last butterfly icons I'll be making for a LONG time.  And it's really boring how they say the same thing, but...I just couldn't figure out what I liked.  I definitely know which are my favorites now, though...whoo...the last two, the smooth Dark Passion Play and Amaranth ones.  That smoke background was soooo pretty.

The Black Jewels (because there's always one or two):

I know it looks nothing like how she really should, but it was the BEST I could find, I swear.  She just looks a tad too nice.

A random cat:

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