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Oh, man. OH, MAN.

Found this excerpt of a comment on a salon.com article, and it just made my night.

"As far as Christianity goes, your founding story is nonsensical:

An all-loving, all-knowing god can't forgive us for behaving exactly as he made us until...

...we torture his son and then...

...all is forgiven, unless, of course...

...we refuse to believe in His Invisibleness and then we're damned. Forever. It's burn, baby, burn."

Thank you, bigguns, for the beautiful sum-up.

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Close to calling it quits on this LJ account. I don't blog at all anywhere anymore, and I don't have any desire to.
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I'm having an interesting contemplative work time today. 

Columbia University.

Let me hold that thought for a moment.

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In the middle of moving.

...And it is a freaking GODSEND that I stayed up all night and started at about 7:30, because it is pouring outside.  It had just started to rain when I got my last huge load into Sheehan, and I couldn't be more grateful.  Of course, I still have another refrigerator, a lamp, a rug, a...bathrobe that I didn't notice before, my cd player, and some miscellaneous bags to get over to the other room, but that is nothing compared to how stacked up the cart was before.  That is easy stuff.  And then it's just cleaning and finding someone to help me loft my bed, since I haven't the faintest how to do it and my belongings are going to be all over the place if I don't have a place to put them STAT. 

While I'm on the subject I'm not on, I'd also like to say that I never would have gotten through this move without two things:  one of my iPods mysteriously coming to life again, and Emilie Autumn music.  She is a genius.  Definitely on my top ten list now.  "Thank God I'm Pretty" is the funniest thing I've ever heard, as well as being truly angry, and it's well-written on top of that. Though I think you have to hear her delivery to really appreciate it.  It is truly unique, lol.  And sort of an acquired taste.

Well, back out into the rain for me.  Got to get the rest of this stuff moved.  Heave ho, a bottle of rum, swab the poop deck.


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I am still awake.

Why is this?  I could have sworn up, down, and sideways that I went to bed at 1 AM.  But I'm not in bed, I'm at my computer.  Writing on Livejournal.  Which again begs the question, why am I still awake?  Because clearly, I am.  And this is not a dream.

Ah well.  I suppose sleep will strike when it's ready.  When it's done lurking in the shadows, teeth bared, much like a cobra, but with out a mongoose ready to hunt it and feed it to its hungry children.

Was that a Riki Tiki Tavi reference?  Dear lord.

Well, since I'm not asleep, I'm going to write about Cassandra Claire.  I was thinking about her first original novel, which came out a while ago.  It's definitely a decent novel, but I regret to say that I find it lacking somewhat, at least in comparison to the Draco Trilogy.  And there I hit a snag, find a problem, and experience difficulty.  Her original novel isn't as moving as a work of fanfiction?  What is this?  What's going on?  There are actually a few problems I have with it, and the first is directly linked to the Draco Trilogy.  There's a flashback of Draco's in the second or third installment in which he remembers a wild falcon his father gave him.  Well, to cut a merely moderately-sized story short, Draco teaches the bird to love him and Lucius kills it on the premise that it was supposed to fear and obey him, not love him.  Young Draco decides never to cry again, or perhaps I'm just making that part up because it adds drama.  Anyway, despite the fact that as the author she is entitled to do this, I am bothered by the fact that this part was included in City of Bones.  Not only was it included, in fact, but it was included almost word for word.  The only part that changed were the names, Draco becoming Jace, the young Shadowhunter, and Lucius becoming Valentine, his cruel and alluringly blond father.  I just don't like that Jace, who also is blond and devastatingly sexy in a sharp-edged and dangerous sort of way, is basically DT!Draco, like she couldn't bear to let him go and had to somehow try to write him into the world that she had created.  (The other issues I have with CoB are actually rather minor in comparison, things like my irrational dislike of the main protagonist because she's tiny and has red hair, and the fact that despite the rather stirring battle at the end between the werewolves and reanimated corpses, it still seemed less-than-epic, and I expected more from her).  That aside, though, I'm still going to re-read the book and get the second one (City of Ashes) when it comes out, because despite its [perceived] deficiencies, I still like Cassandra Claire's writing a LOT.  And now that I think about it, maybe I just couldn't get into the New York setting, or maybe I was jaded by the genius of Scott Westerfeld (a YA author that I had read slightly beforehand and have real respect for; he's great).  To make up for it, I'm going to post an excerpt from the first posted chapter of CoA that made me laugh:


"Are you still mad?"

Alec, leaning against the wall of the elevator, glared across the small space at Jace. "I'm not mad."

"Oh, yes you are." Jace waved a hand accusingly at his stepbrother, then yelped as pain shot up his arm. Every part of him hurt from the thumping he'd taken that afternoon when he'd dropped three floors through rotted wood onto a pile of scrap metal. Even his fingers were bruised. Alec, who'd only yesterday put away the crutches he'd had to use after his fight with Abbadon, didn't look much better than Jace felt. His clothes were covered in mud and his hair hung in lank and sweaty strips. There was a long cut down the side of his cheek.

"I am not," Alec said, through his teeth. "Just because you said dragon demons were extinct—"

"I said mostly extinct."

Alec jabbed a finger toward him. "Mostly exctint," he said, his voice trembling with rage, "is NOT EXTINCT ENOUGH."

"I see," said Jace. "I'll just have them change the entry in the Demonology textbook from ‘almost extinct' to ‘not extinct enough for MY BROTHER. He prefers his monsters really, really extinct.' Will that make you happy?"


Damn.  It's still Draco through and through.  Amanda, I can't wait until you read the Draco Trilogy.  Karen, you really should finish it.  It's angsty and really worth it.

Edit:  I feel like I should include this.  It's an ACTUAL illustration of Jace, straight from Cassie Claire's website.

You do see what I mean, right? 

There's one other thing on my mind.  I was looking for Sonata Arctica pictures earlier to make into icons (which I did, by the way, and will get around to posting on my other journal sometime), and I found some really, really funny ones.  Tony is not good looking, but damn he's comedic.  Can I adopt him?


Oh, and one final thing - Karen, I made you a Jyrki icon, if you like it and want it.  Actually, I made a couple, but this one turned out the best. 

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Quick update.

This isn't going to be long, because I'm on the slowest email ever created by mankind (read: AOL dial-up on a super old computer, lol), but I wanted to update because I needed to get something off my chest.


There.  All done.  I am so ready to come back to Winona.  I LOVE my family and it's been a fabulous time, but I. Am. So. Ready.

Other news: we're getting a puppy (awesomeness and it'll be good for Mom when we're all gone and she's lonely, even though it'll be a ton of work.  Golden lab/retriever/Chesapeake (um, I don't know how to spell "Chesapeake".  Was that right?  I think there might be another "A" in there somewhere) mix, which means that it'll grow fast and be pretty big (although it's the very smallest female out of a big litter), but I really do think that it'll be super good.

Karen, your package is officially sent.  I even got insurance on it.  :)  It should get to you by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Um...I think that's it, and I'm out of time.  I'll be back in Winona tomorrow night.  Catching a ride with Richard to save Mom gas.


P.S.  I wish I had enough time to go around and read everyone's latest entries...oh, one more thing, Karen - I got the movie Sense and Sensibility from the library because I remembered liking it a lot when I watched it with Auntie Julie (bwahaha, what a little kid title...but that's how I always think of her in my head!  Alright, I'll just say "your mom" instead.  Were you there?  I don't remember), so Sarah, Mom and I watched it, and they LOVED it.  I guess we're going to watch it again tonight.  

P.P.S.  It's about a million degrees here and the humidity is through the roof.

P.P.P.S.  At the risk of sounding like an obnoxious adolescent girl, OH MY GOD!  THE "AMARANTH" VIDEO CAME OUT TODAY AND I CAN'T WATCH IT!  *is dead*
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Right, so I'm going home for the week.  No internet, no downloads, no photoshop, no nothing.  I'm going to be out in the hinterlands of technology, I tell you!  Anyway, though...wanted to say goodbye to livejournal for the week.  Tragedy.

*frantically downloads EVERYTHING she comes across to tide her over*

p.s.  Got to say again...photoshop textures RULE!  I love learning new things!  Although I've had trouble using a couple of them...the black just stays with them and doesn't go away like it's supposed to.  I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.  Oh well.
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It's official.

I have the entire Nightwish CD.  Dark Passion Play is MINE!  WOOHOO! 

To celebrate, I've been making icons, which I'm going to post, because it's becoming a habit.  I like to be able to go to my journal and see them all without having to use the stupid preview thing to view them one at a time on my computer.  So much more convenient!  Oh man, though...this cd IS THE BEST!  Any and all worries I had about it have totally dissipated.   Soooo happy!  (In stark contrast to my last post.)

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